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About us

BHARAT H MODY the founder of this company is born, brought up and studied in Mumbai .Graduated B S (Hons) in Polymer science from UK.Took training in mould making and extrusion in Germany. Started assisting family business activities in hose and plastic industries while studying in UK.

Once back in India in 1983, joined family business actively associated with Hose industries. Started manufacturing PVC braided hose first time in India. Soon became the first time in manufacturing/importing/assembly manufacturing of several types of hoses like Stainless Steel corrugated, Teflon plain and corrugated, thermoplastic high pressure, ducting, composite, specialised hoses etc etc.

1992 incorporated ANI ASSOCIATES dealing in all ancillary equipment associated with Hose and hose assembly manufacturing industry besides dealing in Hoses and hose assemblies.
Soon ANI ASSOCIATES expanded rapidly to introduce new products from various new foreign companies in hose and tube associated industries. Lists of companies that ANI ASSOCIATES actually represented or is still representing are as follows. Many of them are introduced first time in India and almost all are sole distributorship.

No. Company name Country Year Product
1Unigasket SrlItaly1995Teflon Hoses
2TubiflexItaly1995Teflon Hoses
3ICoreUK1995Teflon Hoses
4Techmaflex France1995Crimping Machines
5Novoplast & masterflexGermany1995PU Tubes & Ductings
6Rapisarda Italy1995Rubber Hoses
7HIPUSA1996High Pressure Fittings
8Op srlItaly1996Crimping machines
9Transfer OilItaly1996High Pressure Hoses
10SC hydraulicsUSA1996High Pressure Pumps
11FinnpowerFinland1997Crimping Machines
12SIE IndustriesUK1997High Volume Pumps
13HII USA1998High Pressure Pumps
14BimalItaly1998Test Machines
15SpirstarGermany1998High Pressure Hoses
16MatecItaly1998Composite Hoses
17ExitflexSwizerland1999High Pressure Hoses
18PolyflexGermany1999High Pressure Hoses
19Hydratron UK2000High Pressure Pumps
20Italia MotorsItaly2000Go Karts
21HydroscandSweeden2000Hose Assembly Machines
22Tony KartsDenmark2001Go Karts
23Dino kartsDenmark2001Go Karts
24EcksteinGermany2001Criming Machines
27TransfluidGermany2004Forming Machines
28T drillFinland2004Forming Machines
29CSMItaly2005Forming Machines
30BLMItaly2005Forming Machines
31BEWONetherland2005Cutting Machines
32BemaItaly2005Forming Machines
33HMPGermany2005swaging Machines
34SeilerGermany2005Helium leak Machines
35SMIItaly2005Bending & forming Machines
36GillardUK2005Hose Cutting Machines
37GrazioliItaly2005Forming Machines
38MepsaSpain2005Polishing Machines
39CovflexUK2006Multispindle Machines
40TongjiaChina2006Extrusion machines
41TecoflexChina2007Hose Manufacturing Machines
42Meccanica H7 SrlItaly2007SPM Machines
43KellyChina2007Hose Manufacturing Machines
44YungLungTaiwan2007Crimping Machines
45MyunginKorea2009Braiding Machines
46ItaliaflexItaly2010Hose Manufacturing Machines
47Cima Italy2012Springs&Fasteners
48Columbo SpaItaly2012Seals & Gaskets
49AsteriscoItaly2016Testing Machines

Today ANI ASSOCIATES specialises in high and ultra high pressure thermoplastic hose assemblies and PTFE hoses. We also sell high pressure hose impulse machines and hose testing machines.